A composite drawing made from the two sheets for 33a/31D for the John C. Butler class destroyer escorts dated December 2, 1944.  The vertical colors were ocean gray (5-O) and light gray (5-L).  Note, that the drawing depicts a ship with torpedo tubes, while the only known ship to carry this camouflage was Cross and she did not have torpedo tubes. 

  After commissioning on January 8, 1945, Cross left for the Pacific on March 22.  It is not clear whether this Measure and Design was considered to be most effective in the winter North Atlantic or was merely a low-visibility effort for the Pacific. I have not seen any photos that would indicate that Cross might have carried this camouflage in the Pacific.  It was fairly common for ships to carry one camouflage while assigned in the Atlantic and another camouflage when assigned to the Pacific.

  Original drawing sources: NARA 80-G-104911 and 80-G-104912.