U.S. Navy Ships in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945

Auxiliary Ships

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for AP-110

Design 10T

for AP-110

Design Number Silhouette Ships Wearing Design
for AP-110
Measure 32
Gen. George M. Randall (AP-115)Gen. M. C. Meigs (AP-116)
Gen. W. P. Richardson (AP-118)

Measure 33
Adm. W. S. Benson (AP-120)

The drawing for Measure 32 Design 10T for the General John Pope class of transports using the (P2-S2-R2) maritime hull dated March 28, 1944. This drawing specified vertical colors of light gray (5-L), ocean gray (5-O), and dull black (BK) with the horizontal color of deck blue (20-B).

This is only drawing for Design 10T that has yet been found.

Original drawing source: NARA 80-G-173498 and 80-G-173499.