U.S. Navy Ships in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945

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for LST-1

Design 11L

for LST-1

Design Number Silhouette Ships Wearing Design
for LST-1
Measure 31
Portunus (AGP-4)Varuna (AGP-5)
Silenus (AGP-11)Oceanus (ARB-2)
Phaon (ARB-3)Nestor (ARB-6)
Egeria (ARL-8)LST-169 (LST-169)

The drawing for Measure 31 Design 11L for the LST-1 class tank landing ships and similar ships dated May 22, 1944. The specified vertical colors were dull black (BK), navy green (5-NG), ocean green (5-OG) and haze green (5-HG) with deck green (20-G) on horizontal surfaces. Note, this drawing had two waterlines: a load line and a light load line.

See Design 11L silhouette in color

This is the only drawing for Design 11L yet found.

Original drawing source: NARA 80-G-172985 and 80-G-172986.