U.S. Navy Ships in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945

Amphibious Ships

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Amphibious I

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This group of Amphibious Ships includes
APD: High-Speed Transports, converted from Destroyers (DD) and Destroyer Escorts (DE).
Note: Attack Cargo Ships AKA's are listed under Cargo Ships, Attack Transports APA's, are listed under Transports and Amphibious Command Ships AGC's are listed under Auxiliaries I.

Ships in red are not confirmed by photographic or textual research.
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Hull NumberNameClassCamouflage DesignDesign DatePaint DateNotes Other
APD-1ManleyCaldwellex DD-74
APD-2ColhounWickesex DD-85, NA, lost 8/30/42.
APD-3GregoryWickesex DD-82, NA, lost 9/4/42.
APD-4LittleWickesex DD-79, NA, lost 9/4/42.
APD-5McKeanWickesex DD-90, NA, lost 11/17/43.
APD-6StringhamWickes31/20Lex DD-83.
APD-7TalbotWickes31/12T5/12/44ex DD-114.
APD-8WatersWickes31/20L*1ex DD-115.
APD-9DentWilkes31/12T5/12/44ex DD-116.
APD-10BrooksClemson31/12T5/12/44ex DD-232.
APD-11GilmerClemson31/12T5/12/44ex DD-233.
APD-12HumpreysClemson31/12Tex DD-236.
APD-13SandsClemson31/12Tex DD-243.
APD-14SchleyWickes31/12T5/15/44ex DD-103.
APD-15KittyWickes31/12T5/15/44ex DD-137.
APD-16WardWickes31/12T5/12/44ex DD-139, lost 12/7/44.
APD-17CrosbyWickes31/12T5/12/44ex DD-164.
APD-18KaneClemson31/12T5/12/44ex DD-235.
APD-19TattnallWickes31/20L10/20/44ex DD-125.
APD-20RoperWickes31/20L10/20/44ex DD-147.
APD-21DickersonWickesex DD-157.
APD-22HerbertWickes31/? for APD-22ex DD-160.
APD-23OvertonClemsonex DD-239.
APD-24NoaClemson31/? for APD-24ex DD-343, lost 9/12/44.
APD-25RathburneWickes31/12Tex DD-113.
APD-29BarryClemson31/20L10/20/44ex DD-248.
APD-31ClemsonClemson5/12/44ex DD=186.
APD-32GoldsboroughClemson31/12T5/12/44ex DD-188.
APD-33George E. BadgerClemson31/12T5/1/44ex DD-196.
APD-34BelknapClemson31/12T5/1/44ex DD-251.
APD-35Osmond IngramClemson31/12T5/1/44*2ex DD-255.
APD-36GreeneClemson31/20L10/20/44ex DD-266.
APD-37Charles LawrenceCharles Lawrenceex DE-53.
APD-38Daniel T. GriffenCharles Lawrenceex DE-54.
APD-39BarrCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-576.
APD-40BowersCharles Lawrenceex DE-637.
APD-42GantnerCharles Lawrence31/5Lex DE-60.
APD-43Charles W. IngramCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-62.
APD-44Ira JefferyCharles Lawrenceex DE-63.
APD-45Lee FoxCharles Lawrenceex DE-65.
APD-46AmesburyCharles Lawrenceex DE-66.
APD-47BatesCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-68.
APD-48BlessmanCharles Lawrenceex DE-69.
APD-49Joseph E. CampellCharles Lawrenceex DE-70.
APD-50SimsCharles Lawrenceex DE-154.
APD-51HoppingCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-155.
APD-52ReevesCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-156.
APD-53HubbardCharles Lawrenceex DE-211.
APD-54ChaseCharles Lawrenceex DE-158.
APD-55LaningCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-159.
APD-56LoyCharles Lawrenceex DE-160.
APD-57BarberCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-161.
APD-59NewmanCharles Lawrenceex DE-205.
APD-60LiddleCharles Lawrenceex DE-206.
APD-61KephartCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-207.
APD-62CoferCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-208.
APD-63LloydCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-209.
APD-65BurkeCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-215.
APD-66EnrightCharles Lawrenceex DE-216.
APD-69YokesCharles Lawrence31/20LLaid down as DE-668.
APD-70PavlicCharles LawrenceLaid down as DE-669.
APD-71OdumCharles LawrenceLaid down as DE-670.
APD-72Jack C. RobinsonCharles Lawrence31/20LLaid down as DE-671.
APD-73BassettCharles LawrenceLaid down as DE-672.
APD-74John P. GrayCharles LawrenceLaid down as DE-673.
APD-75WeberCharles Lawrenceex DE-675.
APD-76SchmittCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-676.
APD-77FramentCharles Lawrenceex DE-677.
APD-78BullCharles Lawrence31/20Lex DE-693.
APD-87CrosleyCrosley31/20LLaid down as DE-226.
APD-91KinzerCrosley31/20LLaid down as DE-232.
APD-92RegisterCrosley31/20LLaid down as DE-233.
APD-94John Q. RobertsCrosley31/20LLaid down as DE-235.
APD-95William H. HobbyCrosley31/5LLaid down as DE-236.
APD-102RednourCrosley31/20LLaid down as DE-592.
APD-104William J. PattisonCrosley31/20LLaid down as DE-594.
APD-105MyersCrosley31/5LLaid down as DE-595.
APD-108Harry L. CorlCrosley31/5LLaid down as DE-598.
APD-111WalshCrosley31/5LLaid down as DE-601.
APD-117Joseph M. AumanCrosley31/5LLaid down as DE-674.
APD-121Raymon W. HerndonCrosley31/20LLaid down as DE-688.
APD-122ScribnerCrosley31/20LLaid down as DE-689.
APD-123DiachenkoCrosley31/20LLaid down as DE-690.
APD-126GosselinCrosley31/20LLaid down as DE-710.
APD-129Donald W. WolfCrosley31/20LLaid down as DE-713.
APD-133BurdoCrosley31/5LLaid down as DE-717.
APD-134KleinsmithCrosley31/5LLaid down as DE-718.
APD-136CarpellottiCrosley31/5LLaid down as DE-720.


Indicates the date that the Bureau of Ships sent to the ship or shipyard drawings and instructions to paint that camouflage design. That directive was usually followed and camouflage completion photos were returned to the Bureau. For the rows that are marked red, no verification memos or photos have yet been found.
Indicates the earliest date that memos or photos confirm painting in that design.
Indicates date commissioned, if after 1/1/45, ship may not have worn Measure 31-32-33 while commissioned. Exceptions were landing craft in Measure 31.
Indicates although ship was begun as a DE, ship was modified, completed and commissioned as an APD. Thus ship was not listed under DE's.


APD-8 was sent 31/12T on 5/12/44, but later painted in 31/20L in October in San Francisco.
APD-35 was sent 31/20L on 10/10/44, but had previously painted in 31/12T in July at Charleston.