U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945

USS Franklin (CV-13)

Hull NumberNameClassCamouflage DesignDesign DatePaint DateNotesOther
CV-13FranklinEssex32/6A1943-12-091944-01-04*1Later 32/3A port and 32/6A starboard.

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CV-13 commissioned on January 4, 1944, wearing camouflage design 32/6A on both port and starboard, but three months later repainted the port (the District Camouflage Officer determined Design 6A was too dark on the port) using a modified drawing 32/3A while retaining 32/6A on the starboard side. Severely damaged by bombs 3/19/45 CV-13 did not return to the war.

Dazzle - USS Franklin