U.S. Navy Destroyer Escorts in WWII Dazzle Camouflage 1944-1945

USS Robert Brazier (DE-345)

Hull NumberNameClassCamouflage DesignDesign DatePaint DateNotesOther
DE-345Robert BrazierJohn C. Butler32/3D*2, *4

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A July 11, 1944 speedletter #01996 from Commander in Chief Atlantic Fleet (CinCLant) requested BuShips to paint all destroyer escorts under construction and assigned to Atlantic Fleet in camouflage 32/3D.

DE-345 was sent camouflage 32/22D on 4/27/44 as if for the Pacific Fleet, completed in 32/22D, but was repainted in 32/3D when assigned to the Atlantic Fleet.

Dazzle - USS Robert Brazier